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About the Trainer

Hi my name is Theodore Towne, Better Known as Topper.

I have been around dogs all of my life.  Early on it was which ever coon hound the older brothers got tired of . My first real bird dog was an english springer spaniel named "Turkey" he was the first dog that would come when called by name, that was big back then. 

While in my 30s I was given  a 3 year old chocolate

Lab named Hershey she was an ok upland hunter but I knew I wanted more and to train my own dog.  I breed her to a dog with a senior title which did not mean much to me at the time . Seven were pups born I kept the last female pup and named her MOCHA

( thought I was original) with that name Wrong .

So I started out with my first hunt test dog in 1992 . I ran her got her Junior title and a couple senior passes then life kicked in I stepped away from testing 92- 2005 trained a few meat dogs, titled some pointing dogs to the master level .


Topper’s gundogs was started I have ran mostly AKC hunt test , field trials and HRC and a couple SRS . I have ran and titled dogs in all three AKC stake junior senior and master . I am currently an AKC JUDGE for the hunt test program.

Topper’s gundog is home to the youngest dog to master title in 2017 at 21 months Tuff and the youngest in 2019 or maybe the last 10 years Fubba master title at 14 months of age .

These are a few of the highlights .

I currently train in Wisconsin in the summertime and winter 3 months in Texas . Now retired from a 9 to 5 I am able to do as I please 

I have been working retrievers and pointers for people for the better part of 35 years.  In the last 5 years I have been more involved in the AKC Retriever Hunt Test Program, AKC field trial, and some Super Retriever series events. I have worked with and tested dogs of all ages and varing levels of talent.

You more than anyone know your goals for your puppy/dog.  So Introduce them as pups to anything and everything that they come in contact with as they grow up and develop in their new environment.

My Dog Training Philosophy



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