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Here at Toppers Gun Dogs we train both retrievers  and pointers for water and upland hunting.  We also train for and compete in AKC hunt tests, Field Trials,HRC , SRS and NAVDA.

We offer a wide variety of training from puppy basics, force fetch,started thru finished Gun dog.  

We look forward to working with you and your dog to get you out in the field or hunting competitions.

We also have quality well bred Labrador Started Dogs and puppies for sale periodically.

Also we offer Stud Service-Labrador Retievers and English Setter

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Our Training Programs

Puppy Starter Program

This 1-3 month program is designed for puppys from 3-6 months old.  This program is designed to introduce your puppy to birds and to build drive leading up to the started program. Puppy basic obedience will also take place in this program.  Your puppy will begin to learn sit, down, stay.  This is a fun and important  program for your puppy to prepare them for there next phase of training

Gun Dog Intermediate

This is a minimum 3 month program is for dogs that are transitioning off the table to handling.  Here  your dog will become more confident with handling as well enhanced marking.  This intermediate phase will really help shape your dog into a great hunter, as well as working towards senior level hunt test competitions

Gun Dog Starter Program

This 3 month training program is set up for dogs 6 months of age and older.  In this program your dog will be force fetched and once off the table will go thru multiple other drills.  Force to pile and whistle sit will be all included in this program. 

Gun Dog Advanced

Gun dog advanced is designed to get your dog shaped and ready for master hunt test level competition.  This will include but not be limited to

Words From Our Customers

Thanks topper for taking Tess to Texas this winter for professional dog training. She came back wonderfully trained and at a point where our 12yr old son feels comfortable to run her in junior competition. Great work and I would Highly recommend anyone to send there pups to you. 

The Power's Family

Topper did a great job with my pup alexa. I would of told you this pup was next to untrainable 3 months ago. Topper has magic with dogs like no other. 

The Weller's

Topper trained my GSP last year. He did a great job. My boy is better behaved, points great, and retrieves. Some of the training i watched topper do is very interesting. I would highly recommend him to anyone

Mr. Roth

I would recommend Topper to handle your gundog training needs any day of the week. He has years of experience followed by proven bird dogs with world class talent. Simple as that!


He Really Knows his stuff

The Wilson's

Awesome Trainer with dogs to prove it. Highly Recommend

The Lohry's

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